2013 Friends Project Events
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Friends Park Projects In 2013

2013 Candlelighted Event
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Friends 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

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Lamps Purchased For Trail Events

Expo 2013


National Get Outdoors Day


2013 Leaf Removal Effort


Parade Participation 2013

Syttend Mai - Sunburg MN - 5/18
Neil & Connie Lageson - Driver
Photo by WaskaWeb

Cyrus Days -
Lauren Sansness - Driver
Photo by Starbuck Times

Runestone Days - Kensington

Photo Credit

Hancock 4th -
Neil & Connie Lageson - Driver
Photo by WaskaWeb

Heritage Days - Starbuck
Amy Schnoes - Driver
Photo by WaskaWeb

Prairie Pioneer Days - Morris

Photo Credit

Benson Kid's Day -

Photo Credit

Waterama - Glenwood
Andrea Grimms - Driver

Photo by WaskaWeb

Forada Days -
Gordy & Bonnie Stock - Driver
Photo Bonnie Stock
Donnelly Thrashing Bee

Photo Credit

Table Sanding For Park Campgroung

Saturday's Crew Tuesday's Crew

  Saturday's Crew  
  Tuesday's Crew  

Paddleboard Lessons


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